Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Goldage all about?

Goldage is an exclusive store for elder care products like walkers, diapers, crutchers, beds, orthopaedic supports etc.

2. Where can I get the franchise details for Goldage?

You can contact our Franchise manager at 9857055555 or send us an email to

3. How does Goldage lighten my workload?

Goldage offers Source products that lighten the caregiver’s workload and help your loved one remain safe and independent.

  • All-in-one commode wheelchair (use it as a commode, bathing, and as wheelchair.)
  • Adult diapers
  • Bathroom safety products like grab bars, anti-slip mats, shower chairs, commode rail etc.
  • Mobility products like Wheelchairs, walker, walking sticks.

4. How is the standard of the products which I buy from any of the Goldage store?

All our products are with high quality and safe to be used. These are all designed to cater in the best way for the elderly people.

5. Can I rent medical equipment from the Goldage store?

Yes. Bigger equipment like a hospital cot, iv stand etc. can be rented from the store. Proof of identity to be provided.

6. How about the pricing ?

All our products are with affordable prices which is extremely pocket friendly.

7. Will Goldage take care of the services?

All the products which you purchase comes with professional training and services on call.

8. Will there be a return policy for the products?

Return policy depends on the type of product purchased and the reason for return. Damaged piece will be taken back within 24 hrs. Returns will not be accepted on disposals like Diapers, tissues etc…

9. How can I approach the store for the services and purchase of new product?

Every store will have a customer care number. You will be provided the card with all details.

10. What if the product I am looking for is not available in your store?

We will source the product required in a period of one or 2 working days.