One - Stop - Elder Store

A Being Active, enthusiasm and energy are the three pillars for positive aging and Goldage supports you to make this shift easy and comfortable.


Get moving for the better you

Goldage products designed and promoted to offer independence to get you going with every day activities


Quality Products

Goldage ensures quality standard products to make the aging youous and confident.

Get Yourself Moving

We offer all Kinds of mobility aids from walkers to wheelchairs that will enhance your lifestyle. We make you active and live life to the fullest.

Support When Needed

Supportive aids like Adult diapers, urinals, Pads, pillows etc., to offer the exact care required.

Special Care Products

Goldage has products for complete medical care at very affordable cost for bedridden or those who require extensive specialized supportive care.

Wellcome to our Goldage

Goldage, as the name rightly signifies strives to make the aging process smooth and comfortable. Goldage understands this and brings affordable products through our franchise outlets near you. This is an exclusive store only for the elderly with product range from which they can choose.We have a wide range of elder care specialized supportive and assistive products like walkers, crutches, adult diapers, foot wear, etc... The increase in the number of elderly population has increased drastically in the recent years, this has directly affected the demand for supportive services and care.


Who can get benefited?

Older adults and typically people with disabilities or injuries and are at risk of falling, choose to use our Goldage store

These devices provide several benefits to the users, including independence, reduced pain, and increased confidence and self esteem

Goldage also aims to remove the natural stigma prevailing in our society for the use of such supportive aids, that way we could help and support more people to be active and get engaged in the day today activities with ease.